Mount Hakodate

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Hakodate is a 334 m high mountain in Hokkaido that is particularly famous for its nighttime views. It is located near the center of Hakodate and should definitely be explored when visiting the city, especially on clear days and in clear At night, the view from the mountain is spectacular and, along with the view from Inasa Mountain in Nagasaki and Rokko Mountain in Kobe, is one of the three most beautiful views at night in Japan.



Mt Hakodate, Hakodate, Hokkaido (길 안내)


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Mount Hakodate


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하코다테 어시장

하코다테 어시장

Bonson Lam

생 오징어를 먹는다는 생각이 여러분을 움츠리게 한다면, 토야스나 쓰키지 쪽의 가장 싱싱한 해산물이랑 비슷한 다른 대안을 추천해 드린다.

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Goryokaku Park

Goryokaku Park

Goryokaku Park is an iconic star-shaped fort located in Hakodate. The fortress was originally constructed in 1855 to protect Hokkaido and was the site of a civil war between the shogunate’s soldiers and the imperial troops of the Meiji government. Later in the 1910s, the area was converted into a public park, and today, it is recognized as a national special historic site. The beautifully landscaped park shines during all seasons and is a popular natural retreat for residents and tourists alike.

홋카이도 6 km 떨어진 곳
하코다테 공회당

하코다테 공회당

Euan Prentis

모토마치의 화려한 보석 공회당에서는 하코다테 문화, 사회 생활과 디자인을 한 군데서 찾아볼 수 있다.

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하코다테 모토모치 구역

하코다테 모토모치 구역

Matt Stormont

하코다테의 문화적으로 흥미롭고 독특한 모토마치 지역 탐방 여행. 세계 각국의 건축과 역사의 훌륭한 사례들로 가득 찬 지역, 모토마치에 관해 알아보자

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