Universal Studios Japan (USJ)

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Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka is the most famous theme park in the Kansai region and one of four Universal Studios theme parks worldwide. It was the first Universal Studios-branded theme park to be built in Asia. Opened in March 2001, it is, after Tokyo Disney Resort, the most visited amusement park in Japan.



2 Chome-1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana Ward, Osaka, 554-0031, Japan (길 안내)

개장 시간

8:30 - 22:00 영업중


월요일 8:30 - 22:00
화요일 8:30 - 22:00
수요일 8:30 - 22:00
목요일 8:30 - 22:00
금요일 8:30 - 22:00
토요일 8:30 - 22:00
일요일 8:30 - 22:00
Holidays 8:30 - 22:00


  • 유료 주차
  • 상점
  • 기념품샵
  • 무료주차
  • 수유실
  • 화장실
  • 유아 친화적
  • 인포메이션 카운터
  • Lost and Found
  • 코인락커


  • 배리어프리 출입
  • Disabled parking
  • 다목적 화장실
  • 휠체어 렌탈


  • Restaurant
  • First aid facilities

관련 기사

해리포터의 마법세계

해리포터의 마법세계

Camille Dufour-Blain

해리포터의 마법사 월드, 동심으로 돌아가 보세요! 2014년 여름, USJ 재팬 오사카에 해리포터 테마파크가 개장했습니다. 여러분의 어릴 적 꿈이 실현되어 있으며, 호그스미드를 걷고, 호그와트에 방문하고 빚자루를 타보세요.

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일본 유니버셜 스튜디오, 기록을 세우다

일본 유니버셜 스튜디오, 기록을 세우다

Geoff Day

마법은 여름에 해리포터의 마법세계 (Wizarding World of Harry Potter)가 들어왔을때 2014년 테마였다. 최근 호그와트 성과 다른 4개의 주요 명소를 출시한 유니버셜 스튜디오 (Universal Studios)는 방문객 수 면에서 기록을 달성할 예정이다.

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유니버셜 쿨 Japan 2019

유니버셜 쿨 Japan 2019

Japan Travel

유니버셜 스튜디오의 연례 '유니버셜 쿨 Japan' 축하 행사가 일본의 최고 팝컬쳐 브랜드를 선보이며 2019년에 다시 찾아온다

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Universal Studios Japan (USJ)


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내부 Universal Studios Japan (USJ)

Super Nintendo World


Super Nintendo World opened in spring 2021 inside of Universal Studios Japan. This is another of the special are...

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쉐라톤 오사카의 클럽 라운지

쉐라톤 오사카의 클럽 라운지

Bonson Lam

나니와 환락가의 동쪽 끝에 당당하게 귀부인처럼 늠름한 호텔이 서 있습니다. 쉐라톤 도호텔 오사카 입니다. 이 호텔이 제공하는 세계 수준의 쾌적함이나 설비는 호텔 내 클럽 라운지와 널찍한 객실을 보면 일목요연 합니다. 호텔에서는 멀리 있는 오사카의 스카이라인을 볼 수 있으며, 저녁에는 신비적인 야경을 즐길 수 있습니다. 오사카 이타미 공항과 간사이 국제공항으로 직통 리무진 버스도 있습니다.

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Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

The Kaiyukan in Osaka is the largest aquarium in Japan and at the same time one of the largest in the world. It is located in the Minato district near the port area of ​​Osaka. Opened in 1990, it is one of the largest indoor aquariums with a total water volume of more than 11,000 tons is home to around 620 animal and plant species. The main theme of the aquarium is the "Ring of Life" or the "Ring of Fire" and is represented by the arrangement of the more than 15 different pools. Each of the pools represents a specific region on the Pacific Ring of Fire and visitors can experience themed worlds on a tour from the Japanese forests to the Antarctic to the heart of the aquarium, the Pacific Ocean. In the latter, for example, there is a whale shark, the largest fish on earth. In addition to these permanent exhibitions, the Kaiyukan also offers some interactive highlights, where you can get close to different animal species and sometimes stroke and even feed them. The aquarium has a souvenir shop and is located directly at Tempozan Harbor Village, a shopping and entertainment complex with many restaurants and shops.

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Namba Yasaka Shrine

Namba Yasaka Shrine

Namba Yasaka Shrine (難波八阪神社, Namba Yasaka Jinja) is a 12 meters tall shrine in the shape of a lion's head.

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Dotonbori, located along the canal of the same name, is a street in the Namba district of Osaka’s Chuo ward that epitomizes the city’s nightlife. The colorful area is an explosion of neon lights, mouth watering street food, retro vibes, clubs, stores, and bars. A popular saying associated with the street is kuidaore, which roughly means to go bankrupt after spending an enormous amount of money on food. To experience the essence kuidaore (responsibly, of course) be sure to check out this renowned partying spot and lose yourself in the contagious energy! Roots in the 1600s The historic street started in the 1620s as a theater district with kabuki and bunraku (puppet) establishments along the canal. Over the years, many theaters closed as people lost interest in the traditional arts, and unfortunately, most of the remaining theaters were destroyed in bombing raids during WWII. Today, Shochiku-za Theater stands as the only reminder of the street’s theater roots. Today Today, Dotonbori is one of Osaka’s top tourist destinations. When the sun goes down, flashy neon advertisements light up along the canal and streets. The rainbow of colors illuminates the night air, creating an exciting atmosphere that matches Dotonbori’s offerings. Walk along the bustling street and lose yourself in the tantalizing food smells, energetic chatter, and hypnotizing sights. Embrace Kuidaore Food Culture With a phrase like kuidaore associated with the street, there is no doubt that Dotonbori takes its food culture seriously. The street is one of the best places to experience Osaka cuisine, and the area’s flamboyant restaurants themselves are a feast for the eyes. You will need multiple nights to enjoy all of the street’s wonders! For a personalized and unforgettable experience, book a food tour with a local who can guide you through the best spots. Discover Dotonbori's top restaurants. See the Sights! After, while, or before you eat, explore the vibrant area. Seemingly every spot of the street is filled with dazzling lights, historic vibes, and unique charm. Listed below are some of Dotonbori’s staple destinations. Though be sure to explore off of the beaten path and discover the street’s many wonders yourself!

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