The view of Tokyo that Carrot Tower provides you with (Photo: Jaime Wong)

Carrot Tower

A new way to see great views of Tokyo for free

The view of Tokyo that Carrot Tower provides you with (Photo: Jaime Wong)
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Affectionately named Carrot Tower because of its bright orange colour, this commercial building is a great way to see Tokyo city views for free! The tower allows you to go up to its 26th floor where there is a free lounge for you to sit and take in the views. On a perfectly clear day, you can even see the tip of Mount Fuji from the tower!

Carrot Tower can be accessed via the Tokyu-Den-Entoshi Line at Sangenjaya Station. Once you reach Sangenjaya Station there will be signs in the station pointing you in the direction of Carrot Tower (キャロットタワー). Even if you can't spot those signs, once you exit the station and reach ground level, you will easily be able to spot the orange tower and make your way there. The tower has a few shops inside (not a lot, so don't expect to go there for shopping!) including a bookstore, and a few boutiques on the ground floor.

The observation deck on the 26th floor can be accessed via elevators. These elevators are found on the 2nd floor of the building, which you can get to via escalators. There are many clear signs pointing you towards the elevators that will take you the 26th floor. Once you reach the 26th floor, you are greeted with a small lounge and cafe. The lounge is a free space that anyone can use, and there were many people there quietly reading books, doing homework, sketching, or even taking a quick nap. If you are feeling a bit peckish and in need of a bite, there is both a small cafe, and also a proper restaurant, appropriately named "Sky Carrot".

Carrot Tower is no Skytree or Tokyo Tower, so don't expect anything too grand. It is a simple humble building that gives you a free view of Tokyo if you are keen for enjoying some cityscapes. It can be a quiet place to wind down after the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, and grants you a great view of the sunset. There is no time limit on how long you can spend in the lounge (observation deck), and the absence of a charge for entrance gives it an edge over other buildings that do charge. Overall, visit Carrot Tower if you are on a budget but still want to get some views!

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